BAMMENTAL!!! Thanks for inviting us. Soon we will rock the stage with you and all of you! Check our music on Spotify and join the evening with us.

Yeah, yeah… Silberwald! We are coming soon:-)

RockXPlosion – Thank you Jo for so many incredible pics – find out more about Jo’s photography

we are so happy to finally play this gig… they have been inviting us two years ago. thank you so much RockXPlosion – we are proud to rock the tent stage on sunday at about 19:00 for half an hour. yeah. don’t miss three days of LIVE music with some really cool bands.

Maeglin live @ Werkstatthaus
Thank you crowds, thank you Lummerland, thank you Werkstatt – we loved this evening with you.

concerts… grmpf! long time ago… these days even soundchecking can be a highlight. watch the full-vid

Lo-Fi vid… our last encore on that evening. Maybe the best show in 2021. Thank you so much Silberwald.

Hey… our next show will be in Warmbronn, 16/10/21… more info will be updated soon.

Oh, the next show is coming soon. 25th Sept. Jugendhaus Abseits, Vaihingen Enz. FREE ENTRY. Doors open at 19 h. Linda Wirth and Pete Jones join the line-up… Don’t forget: 3G is obligatory (rapid test is OK)

hey hey! next concert is coming soon. see you there? yeah yeah. a fabulous place to hang out and enjoy.

a few more days until our first show in 2021. we are playing the opener at Strohländle, followed by a lot more crazy bands. tickets here

we are going to play live again… we are soooo happy. see shows.

„Shit we don’t need“ EP is released on many streaming platforms… clickclickclick

Maeglin Luthien Part II

we just released „Luthien Part II“ – find our music on all streaming platforms. gogogo!